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Chess Moves opened its doors in 2001 and fast established themselves as industry leaders within the area being led by Ian Southall, the owner, who has considerable experience as a practicing Estate Agent covering the three counties of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire during his 35 year career.

The Agency was chosen by The Guild of Property Professionals back in 2003 to be their exclusive representatives for Tewkesbury and the surrounding areas. This membership has flourished with Ian having served on the Guilds National Advisory Panel who have helped shaped the future of Estate Agency and improved general industry standards throughout with particular attention to training. All of which has helped build public confidence in the service they receive from their members.

Ian was swiftly joined by both Stuart Franklin and Shaun Gould who were already both well experienced and liked within the Tewkesbury area, thus creating a formidable team.

They have steadily built on this strong foundation ever since… always a step ahead with their innovative approach. They are fast to seize upon technical advances that enhance the chances of selling properties for their vendor clients and ensure that the widest net possible is cast for buyers across the nation and beyond.

Only last year, they were shortlisted in the prestigious “Estas Awards” which is a nationwide campaign selecting agents based upon their performance through their customers' eyes, and this year they are determined to improve upon their position!

Watch a video about Ian here


Local Information
Strangers to the area are often worried about where they choose to live just as much as what sort of property is right for them. We provide information sheets and web links to videoettes and pdf’s along with other links to help potential buyers gain a better understanding of this wonderful location and the advantages of living here

Weekly Updates
Buying and selling property is cited as the third most stressful experience. We aim to make the journey as painless as possible. Provision of up to date info is an important part of this, enabling buyers and sellers to make informed decisions. Through our “E” mailing list, we provide regular updates covering market comment & trends with the odd anecdote thrown in to keep you interested. Not many agents do this.

The Guild of Property Professionals
An extremely powerful ally in our camp. There are over 780 of us across the country, exclusively chosen by the Guild which provides us with an incomparable network of “like minded” independent Estate Agents ready to help you from all corners of England & Wales. Ian became a member of their National Advisory Council helping to shape the future of the industry.

Expert Agents
Revolutionary technology, the first to enable all our personnel to work from anywhere they have access to a computer. This has proved invaluable as it has meant we have been able to keep in touch with all our clients and potential buyers with totally up-todate information. So, whilst we can sometimes get “snowed under”, we can never get “snowed in”!! Ian, who often works from home, has been known to be speaking to clients on occasions at 10.30pm at night!

Strong Support Services
Most Estate Agents will have their properties featured on the highest profile portals like Rightmove. Most Guild members have a wider spread than most. We are also supported by London & Country, the UK’s largest Mortgage Broker who have been exemplary with their service. We also deal with Daren Austin who provides a first class mortgage service for those that like to “keep it local”. Added to this, we have strong bank of local tradesmen etc many of whom have been engaged by members of staff to help them solve their “home issues”.

Embracing Social Media
Like it or loathe it, it’s with us to stay and we would be remiss to ignore it, so we have made sure we utilise the best tools available to enable us to “spread the word” about fresh properties coming to market. If you’re on Facebook, make sure you “Like” your property on Rightmove and get your friends to do the same and watch it go viral! Our videoettes are on Youtube too. (We draw the line at Twitter though!!)


Meet Our Team

Ian Southall

Ian Southall Owner

With more than 30 years selling property across the 3 counties, not only has he “bought and worn the T shirt” he’s often been a “trend setter with new styles” With his innovative approach eg he was using Floorplans way back in the early ‘80’s when other agents had just discovered colour miniprint photos for particulars! He still ensures we stay ahead of the game which means your chances of selling and or finding the right property are greatly increased through our efforts.

Stuart Franklin

Stuart Franklin Office Manager

With over 10 years selling houses under his belt in and around Tewkesbury, his local knowledge, especially in the villages both East & West of town (having been brought up in the area) is invaluable. Many buyers have appreciated dealing with someone who knows his area better than most. He gives full and frank advice and will hit challenges head on often anticipating issues before they arise all helping to achieve a less stressful outcome.

Shaun Gould

Shaun Gould Senior Negotiator

Also with 10 years experience and known as "The King of Walton Cardiff" not only does he know all the build and types of property in that area (having run a local Estate Agency Office there) he also has a depth of knowledge of all the towns properties. So with Stuart & Ian (the expert in outlying areas) we've got "local knowledge" covered better than anyone in the area.

Support Team

Support Team

You will always get a friendly voice when you contact us. We aim to provide you with relevant information enabling you to make informed decisions. The team are responsible for processing all incoming information translating into accessible media for your convenience, from property particulars to internet pages, taking full advantage of "up to date" modern technology.

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