Is Ryan Giggs the Best Footballer to Have Played in the Premier League?

Since its inception in 1992 the Premier League has seen some fantastic footballers with incredible talents, whether it is a goal scoring striker, tricky winger or staunch centre half. But who is the best of these and who will be remembered as the star of this amzing football platform.

Ryan Giggs must be a contender following his presence in every season since the Premier League began and consistent performances throughout that time. He burst on the scene in 1992 as a curly haired teen ufabet เว็บหลักwho could run rings around every full back in the country. His contribution and creativity led Manchester United to countless titles and as he has matured he has become the image of a perfect professional who has allowed his career to span 2 decades due to his approach. In the days when footballers are being caught out for drinking, assault and affairs on a weekly basis Giggs has constantly maintained an air of perfection and never been the subject of any scandal. It is this sort of approach that leads to such a successful career.

Now approaching his twilight years, Giggs is still going strong having adapted from the pacey winger to a creative central midfielder who no longer relys on the speed of his legs but the speed of his brain. Alongside Paul Scholes, United have a midfield partnership that has more experience than any other in the league and reap the rewards of this. They have been two of the best players in the league so far this season and shows no sign of slowing.