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The Selling Process - Choosing the right Estate Agent

In Britain, unlike anywhere else in the world, anybody can set up as an estate agent – no licence or qualifications are required and some estate agents have very little skill or expertise.

Not even the big well known nationals are any guarantee of good service, unlike supermarkets which sell exactly the same products throughout the country, the service you get from any estate agent is only as good as the people staffing that particular branch.

The selection of your advisers is absolutely critical – and you will become particularly reliant upon your estate agent. You will need sound advice as to values, you will need to be sure of the presentation and the marketing of your property and you will need to know you will receive regular and reliable management of your sale or purchase.

It really is not as simple as picking the lowest rate of commission – this almost automatically leads to the lowest rate of marketing – or picking the one who says he will achieve the highest price – this will almost certainly cost you time and money and cause you disappointment and anxiety.

Independent or corporately owned?

Who owns the estate agency and does this matter?

Yes, it really matters – independent estate agents are local experts, their business depends upon successfully selling in the local area – and you also benefit from their local knowledge, expertise and connections. All Guild Members are independent estate Agents.

Reputation and standing

Is this a company of serious reputation and standing? – does this estate agency adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct? (we have a code of conduct and carry professional indemnity insurance) … or does he just look and sound good?
All Guild Members agree to adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct, they operate to a strict Code of Conduct in residential estate agency sales – and are each committed to raising the standard of independent estate agency.

Trust and confidence

How do you know you can trust and have confidence in the estate agency you have chosen? Guild Members are carefully selected and are all members of either the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) or The Ombudsman for Estate Agents – a valuable reassurance you are dealing with a professional.

Where will my buyer come from?

These days the mobility of the market is awesome – your buyer could come from anywhere. By being a Member of The Guild your estate agency is demonstrating a real commitment to local, regional and national marketing.

National network

You will need to ensure your property benefits from the widest exposure – does your estate agent belong to an established and extensive network of sales offices to generate enquiries from a wider market place?

Guild Members are part of a 600+ office strong national network, with over 3000 professionals working together to serve you better. The Guild is based in showrooms on Park Lane in Mayfair, London, providing you with access to the lucrative London and international investor markets.


Marketing ability

Does your estate agency present a marketing strategy that convinces you your property is presented to the widest pool of potential buyers and, thus, achieve the best possible price?

A little local advertising is of little local use. With their own monthly national magazine, and dedicated publishing studios, Guild members are able to present your property professionally to ensure it reaches the widest pool of potential buyers creating the maximum market for your property.

Internet marketing

Does your estate agency convince you he has an e-commerce strategy to ensure your property is fully available on the internet – and likely to be found when your potential purchasers start to search?

Good question – did you know that over 60% of purchasers start their property search on the internet – the probability is that you did it yourself. Every member of The Guild has its own dedicated website but, in addition, they have created a combined national site –

This site presents a selection of over 30,000 properties nationally, is updated daily, provides location maps for every property and very useful local information. is promoted by Guild Members, advertised in the national press (to include the Daily Telegraph Property Portal) and is, increasingly, well placed on all the search engines that matter. Chess Moves also subscribe to a number of prominent property portals ensuring a balanced and wide coverage.


You could achieve a far better result buying or selling your home through a Guild Member …

The Guild of Property Professionals is a body of over 600 independent estate agency offices, with over 3000 professional estate agents whose combined strength and experience helps in selling houses.

Each is carefully selected, are leaders in their local marketplace and are commited to the highest industry standards … you could achieve a far better result buying or selling your home through a Guild Member.



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