What Are the Qualities of a Football Team Defender?

Who is a defender in a football team? Are there various kinds of defenders? Are there certain qualities that a defender must possess? Read on and you will find out.

A defender is a player that helps to protect the goal area of a football team. He or she does most of the work that the goalkeeper would have done if he or she were not there. A defender takes care of the opponent ever before he or she gets to the goal area. A defender makes sure that the opponent does not find a chance to shoot the ball or attempt to score a goal.

There are various kinds of defenders. Some defenders are called left full backs because they take care of the left flank of the team’s area. Some of them are called right full backs because they are in charge of the right side of the team’s area. There are also some defenders that are called central defenders and sweepers.

Now, look at the qualities:

1. Stamina: A good defender should be very strong on the ball. He or she should แทงบอลออนไลน์ not let go easily; he or she should have enough strength to mark the opponent especially when the opponent is heading towards the goal area. A good defender should be determined to resist the opponent at any time during a football match. A good defender should be resilient. This is why a defender should be 100% fit before a match.

2. Speed: He should be swift. This is one quality that makes a very good defender. He should not allow the opponent to outrun him or her. A good defender should be able to go front and come back with relative ease especially at this time of modern football when a team defends en masse and attacks same.